The Ezibuoy launch created a massive wave of overwhelming approval from the visitors to the Perth Boat show last week, with the team exhibiting the product to the thousands of boaties who passed through this prestigious event.

An innovative product that makes mooring easier, simpler and safer for both the experienced and inexperienced, the Ezibuoy magnetic mooring system is now LAUNCHED onto the market, along with the NEW website at


ezi attaching
With mooring being the most stressful time in any boat trip, it is the simplicity of the Ezibuoy that solves this REAL problem, meaning that even the most inexperienced person on the boat can moor the boat. This was the attraction for those who visited the stand, and resulted in not only the team running out of the stock they had, but many wanting to pre-order the next load of stock that is to arrive on the shelves in the next couple of weeks.


With a launch show special of an incredibly low $97 offered (which the team are holding for the next two weeks and free shipping), many viewed this as an investment in its contribution to their boating experience at an almost “no-brainer” level.

Phil Golding, inventor of Ezibuoy, suggested “We were overwhelmed not only by the level of support for the product by individual boaties, but also how positively those in the boating industry viewed the contribution the Ezibuoy would make to the boating community as a whole not only in WA, but nationally and internationally.”

This level of interest from sailing clubs, boat accessory outlets, and insurers in partner with Ezibuoy was considerable (see ) and we are already in discussions with many as to how we can work together to help their members or customers.

He went on to say “Additionally, because it is so simple to attach the Ezibuoy to your mooring, we found it had huge interest from those who use temporary moorings when they go away on their boat, as well as those with permanent moorings”.


The market has spoken, an Ezibuoy is looking to go from strength to strength, making mooring safer, reducing personal and property injury and of course reducing stress so making for a more enjoyable boating experience. A great launch, for this great product!

Feel free to connect with the Ezibuoy team at or calling (08) 9277 5442 for any questions you have.


The Ezibuoy team