Using your Ezibuoy for safer and easier mooring

Step 1

Approach your Ezibuoy


  • Approach the Ezibuoy with the same care as you would in any mooring situation
  • The flexible head on the boat hook attachment will make it easy to attach the boat hook to the Ezibuoy’s magnet even in choppy conditions


Step 2

Attach the Ezibuoy and pull up onto deck


  • Once the magnet has attached to the boat hook pull the Ezibuoy up onto the deck
  • Ensure there is sufficent of the Ezibuoy line pulled on board to wrap around the cleat.


Step 3

Attach the Ezibuoy line to the cleat


  • Once a sufficient amount of the Ezibuoy line is on board wrap around the cleat to secure
  • The boat is now temporarily secured with the Ezibuoy to allow time for a more experienced crew member (if needed) to pull in the mooring line


Step 4

Secure the mooring line


  • With the boat temporary secured the mooring line attached to your Ezibuoy may now be pulled up safely and easily.
  • Secure the mooring line to the cleat.
  • The Ezibuoy can be cleaned, if desired, whilst on the deck.