The joy of sharing your passion for getting on the water is one that you want to share with the family, so that they can experience the absolute delights of boating with you.

The problem is of course that unless your family is entertained, and embracing your passion with you, then it will take away from your experience, their experience, and make what should be incredible family time, into one where you just cant wait to get you and them home.

Here are 6 to get you started:

  • Needless to say, safety is paramount so start every trip with. A reminder of the “rules” of being aboad and of course make sure there are lifejackets for all. It you get this done and clear as the proverbial bell at the get go, then you are less likely to spend the entire trip telling people “not to do” things, which to be honest is just a misery for you and for them. If they are inviting friends along then give them some responsiblity for “looking after” their buddy. This will not only help you, but that responsibility will help lock in the importance to them too. Dont forget the slip.slop.slap to keep them sunsafe too.
  • In your season planning, make sure you include a trip to kid-friendly destinations (as well as those that are fun for us bigger kids at heart). Involving them in the plannning will enrol them in this as an idea too and get them excited.
  • Visit waterfront or water based attractions. include the wildlife opportunities that may exist. For example, if there is a place where dolphins regularly join in with boats passing by then this remains for most, a fabulous thing to see
  • Watch fireworks on the water. Speaks for itself really, Check out the opportunities and include as part of your season planning.
  • Set them tasks with prizes for jobs well done. For older kids this may involve part of the running of the boat. Ezibuoy offes a great opportunity to get them involved as even the most inexperienced can help. (Click to See the video on the home page on the site).
  • Make sure there is some great food and great games that will appeal to kids as well as the adults.


Enjoying them onboard as part of your experience can be wonderful for any family. With a little pre-planning make sure your “kids on board” activities add to your, and their, enjoyment.


The Ezibuoy team