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There is no doubt that this is a great product and one that has wide appeal to all those who have boating as a pastime. This presents an opportunity for you to join with us for additional revenue.

We are keen to offer something attractive to those who wish to partner with us either as a distributor or re-seller and would be delighted to hear from you if this isĀ of interest to you.

We offer attractive incentives to those who sell Ezibuoy to their valued clients, members, or networks, and we would be delighted to hear from you.


With our distributor programme, we supply a minimum of 50 units at a wholesale price with a returns policy in place so you can have the peace of mind that your investment with us is risk free. We are happy to help with a campaign webpage and any supporting marketing materials at a hugely discounted rate.

In our re-seller programme, we will fulfil the orders generated from your account, and you get paid a referral fee monthly on a per unit basis. We guarantee transparency and you can check in with us at anytime to see your sales. For those who are prepared to commit to a minimum number of sales over a specified period of time, we canĀ discuss the potential of an affiliate website and additional support materials.

Simply complete the form to find out more, and we look forward to having a REAL partnership that gives you REAL revenue results.



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