Ezibuoy Kit


Your Ezibuoy Kit includes:

  • 1 Ezibuoy Unit
  • 3 universal inserts that attach to the handle of any existing boat hook pole


No matter what level of boating skills you possess, there are always times when you are faced with unfamiliarity or environmental factors such as wind, current, and unforeseen situations as in crowded bays or even swimmers.  Mooring a boat can be a hazardous exercise. Ezibuoy a magnetic mooring device can simplify the process, allowing the retrieval of your mooring rope easier for ALL.  It can be used by even the most inexperienced person on board, leaving the skipper time to approach the bow and safely attach the main mooring rope.




The EziBuoy point of difference is that it uses strong magnets to make mooring or penning your boat a simple and safe process. The durable resin Ezibuoy float weighs only 1 kilogram and incorporates a super strong rust proof magnet.

Attaching the EziBuoy to the mooring is a simple four-step process using a light line with a counterweight. The counterweight ensures the float always stays close to the mooring rope and avoids creating a boating hazard.

The EziBuoy floating device is accessed using a universal fitting that can be attached to any standard boat hook. The fitting has a flexible end which allows it to be located and connected at any angle.

Simply touching the float with the boat hook fitting is enough to create a strong bonded connection which allows the flat to be retrieved with ease. Once the float is on board, the boat can be temporary secured using the light line to stop the boat from drifting and avoiding the need to use fenders. When the boat is tied up, someone can approach the bow, pull up the mooring rope and safely fasten the boat to the mooring.

Reduce the stress of returning to the marina to pen your boat by having an EziBuoy attached to a springer line. This allows you to quickly secure your boat and minimise the chance of hitting the jetty. If you share an offshore mooring, other boats can access the EziBuoy by purchasing the boat hook fitting.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 20 x 24 x 20 cm


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